"Put your hands up if you hate your job but you do it because of the money! Higher! Doesn't matter if you are surrounded by other people, chances are they are fixed on their phones right now anyway (hopefully reading this blog). Put em up.
Now my question for you is why?"
- J -



Traveling with a load of camera gear waking up early and staying out for the sunset on the daily is always going to grab attention from other travelers and the locals.
The first question Paulo and I get asked whenever we tell people that we make movies and take photos is always- "Do you make money doing that?"
Literally the world we live in today is so unhealthily obsessed with money that we are willing to sacrifice everything to make a few extra bucks here and there including our greatest commodity- time! We are also willing to sacrifice our dreams, ambitions and passions because we are told that we have to own a home, we have to find a secure job with great benefits or we have to have a family and kids. Guess what guys in the world we now live in you can do whatever the F#%K you want to do (within reason of course- please don't go kill someone or run down the road naked).
Here is the way we choose to look at what we do; We create because it is what we love. We create because it is our passion. We create because our grand plan is to make a positive difference. Now we aren't naive, money is essential to fuel your dream job but it is not going to happen overnight. Put the work in, be genuine, be passionate & fund the early days with part time jobs and the opportunities will make themselves clear. 

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Stop thinking about the money.
What do you truly want to achieve in your life? That is the first question you need to ask yourself. The answer may actually be; find a secure job, have a family and grow old surrounded by those that love me. That is totally fine this blog is not about telling you to be more it is about telling you to be YOU!
In order to be the best version of yourself you first need to decide what is it that you truly want to do more than anything else in life. You got it? Cool now focus every ounce of passionate energy you have on making it happen. Now, if you are reading this thinking to yourself "F#%K yeah dudes! I'm quitting my job tomorrow and pursuing my dreams!" Please don't. Hustle!
-Work as many hours as you need to to support yourself and to slowly fund your dreams.
-Use every other hour you have left in your day to build your dream company or qualify yourself to pursue your dream job.
-Be prepared to not make money doing what you love for years. It could happen sooner but growth takes time. Be Patient and know that if you are putting in the work and you love what you do- IT WILL HAPPEN!

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Paulo and I know where we are heading and we know exactly what we want to achieve in life & we have made ourselves a solid plan to achieve our goals. That's a great start but knowing where your headed and getting there are two very different things. We now dedicate every single free moment we have to making our dreams and goals a reality. We both work full time hours to fund our passions and we will continue to do so until we can leave our jobs.
6am-11pm every single day (that's weekends to) everything we do revolves & contributes in someway to our dreams & goals. Sounds to hard? If it truly is your dream then it's not hard work, in fact if it is your dream it won't feel like work at all. Fall in love with the process and associate it with pleasure.
Right at this very moment I am sitting at a cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam writing this blog. Paulo is sitting across from me editing our next series of Instagram posts and planning our next YouTube Vlog. We arrived last night from 3 days of filming and photographing the incredible area of Ninh Binh. We were up at 4.30am everyday and we were sorting out footage until 11pm every night. Before that we were in Ha Long Bay for 2 days, doing the same.
Are we getting paid? F#%K no! We are doing this for two reasons; we need a film portfolio if we hope to get paid one day soon & We LOVE IT! The second reason is why we are able to keep putting in the hours- if you don't love what you do then find something you do and give it everything you have!


The happiest people I have met in life do the things they love on a daily basis. They do not cloud their lives with thoughts of money, thoughts of more things to own or how many fresh yeezy's they have in their walk in wardrobe. The happiest people (some financially very rich and others with less than $5 in their back pockets) I have met have one thing in common- they spend their lives focusing on the things they are passionate about, they stay grateful & they stay humble.
Elon Musk is loaded with cash but he is also loaded with the knowledge that he is doing what he loves and by doing so he is making a positive contribution the the earth and those that call it home.
Stay Humble, Be Grateful & follow your dreams.
Dream. Travel. Live.
J & P