"Relentlessly Pursue your Passions
Don't give yourself the option of Failure"
Written by: Jacques Massie


This week was a great week! It was tough but so rewarding.. why? Because personally I got my first true "This is going to succeed" feeling. And .. it felt real good! I can't speak for Paulo but I am pretty sure my twin senses picked up the same stir in emotions.
This week we managed to:
-Put together a plan for the week ahead and achieved it.
-Write over 15 new blog posts.
-Complete the back end coding and organisation for our website.
-Completed and published (soft launch) our website.
-Completed two of the best photo shoots we have done to date.
-Filmed a tutorial all about creating a Hyperlapse
and... AND...
-Fully paid off our flights to Vietnam in JUNE!!

We love camera's- They can create a visual story that will last forever.

We love camera's- They can create a visual story that will last forever.

Bro Lessons
So a new section for the Bro weekly's I have so cleverly dubbed 'Bro Lessons.' Each weekly will contain a new lesson that we want to share with you guys/gals in the hope that it will benefit you the way it has benefitted us.
This weeks Bro Lesson- "Achieving your dreams and passions is easy as long as you are prepared to give up everything else."
Dreams don't just happen unfortunately, and if they did then I am pretty certain the moments would not feel as special.. wouldn't you agree? Behind every success story there is a huge amount of time, energy and hard work behind the scenes that the rest of us just don't see. In order to keep up with the workload that goes into building your successful dream and achieving your desired passions you need to be prepared to make it your everything. That means giving up your favourite TV show, giving up nights out with the squad, saying no to your friends and potentially upsetting them and sorry to say it but instead of spending an hour trying to pick up a date at the bar... trade that time for an hour of editing those photo's you took today. Or an hour studying the ins and outs of surgery, the flight controls on a Boeing 747, training to get that extra second off your 100 metre freestyle.
Achievement requires Sacrifice. The question you need to ask yourself; Are you willing to commit to making those sacrifices?


Super excited for next weeks hustle as we put together the last bits and pieces for the launch of our YouTube channel! Yeow!! See you all next week.
Keep chasing the dream.
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