The Best View In Vancouver

"Cypress Mountain offers up some of the best views in Vancouver I would argue some of the best views in Canada!"
Written by: Jacques Massie

Yep that is Highway 99 below. One of the most beautiful drives in the world!

Yep that is Highway 99 below. One of the most beautiful drives in the world!

In typical Whistler fashion half the crew was hungover and half the crew was running off 3 hours sleep from the previous nights shift. But hey the sun was shinning it was 30C and we had one helluva crew! Lets go Hike to Bowen Lookout!
This is bear country guys and Gals. Be cautious, non confrontational and whatever you do DON'T feed the bears! Don't leave food lying around and be sure to pack your rubbish out. Protect the Bears and Keep yourself safe.


Where is this amazing hike?
Lions Bay Lookout is on Cypress Mountain and is accessible by foot throughout the Summer and Early Fall. Cypress Mountain is one of the closest Ski Resorts to Vancouver City and is very accessible by car year round. If you are in Vancouver getting to The trailhead will take you all of 30 minutes.
Get yourself to West Georgia Street. Take the Slip road onto Capilano Road. Continue onto BC-1A N/BC-99 North. Turn right onto Taylor Way (signs for Whistler and Squamish). Follow signs towards Whistler/Squamish. Take exit 8 for Cypress Bowl Road towards the Ski area. Head all the way to the top. As you walk towards the ski area you will see the trailhead towards Bowen Lookout. CLICK HERE for a detailed map.

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Getting to the trail head from Whistler will take you a little bit longer but trust me it is worth the effort.
Super straight forward though; Get onto Highway 99 going south for 108km. Take exit 8 for Cypress Bowl and follow the road up to the ski area. Head over to the ski area base and you will see track signs for Bowen Lookout.
For the Google Maps lovers.. CLICK HERE.

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Good News! There is a toilet that you can use at the base of the hike. Once you start the hike though.. well fellas you can pee in the bush but ladies.. well I guess you have to as well?
If you are after a gas station you can find one in Vancouver or if you are headed to Whistler you will find one just out of Squamish. So top your tanks up.
If it is coffee your after you might have to hunt more than you would in Australia or New Zealand.. Sorry to say it Canada but you just don't coffee that well. But there are a few amazing spots in Vancouver. Try these two: Moving Coffee and Aubade.

What else should I do while I am here?
-Well if you are down from Whistler then consider staying the night in Vancouver. The night life is vastly different from the animalistic ski town party's you will be used to in Whistler. It's a pleasant change.
-Check out Lions Bay; Not many people venture down to the beach making it a great spot to chill out and get your swimming fix. If you are game then be sure to venture over to the drainage ditch with a body board and get your slide on.
-Make your way to Capilano Bridge. This area is absolutely stunning boasting those classic Canadian rocky gorges and stunning pine tree greens. A great spot for the Instagram!


The hike itself is relatively steep the whole way up as you meander your way through ski area, pine forests and past those classic Canadian waterfalls and streams. The tracks are well maintained in most areas but depending on the time of year that you are hiking you may encounter some slips and/or flooded track from snow melt.
Although the track is marked there are certain areas that are poorly sign posted so it might pay to go with a local that has hiked the track before.

The boys striking a pose at Bowens Lookout.

The boys striking a pose at Bowens Lookout.

Bowens Lookout is an incredible hike and it is perfect for a day trip! If you are in Vancouver you have no excuse so strap on your boots and prepare for one of the best coastal views BC has to offer!
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