HOME is where the HEART is: Why I Love NZ

"Never Stop Exploring but find a place to hold your heart"
Written by: Jacques

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The air hit my face and it was colder than I remembered.. I smiled stepped forward and felt my heart leap. No.. not in fear.. my heart had jumped as if it new something exciting that my brain was still trying to figure out. It had been reunited with the place I used to and always will call HOME. 2 and a half years and I was back, how I missed you New Zealand.

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Before we get into the reasons why I love New Zealand (NZ) let me just impart a small piece of wisdom with you.. yeah yeah settle down I ain't no Yoda but every now and then I have a sparkle of wisdom that is actually helpful.
Whatever you do, never ever stop traveling. Keep exploring, keep wandering and keep trying your best to experience everything this world and your life has to offer. But.. but.. be sure to store a wee part of your heart in whatever spot in this beautiful world that you choose to call HOME. Home can be whatever or wherever you want it to be, but personally I think it is important to be able to say you come from somewhere. To always have a place and a people you can rely on to make you smile, keep you safe and make you feel as if you belong.
Well lets crack into a few reasons why I love little old NZ.

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REASON 1- The People

The world is full of fantastic people, beautiful souls and some crazy, crazy personalities. No where else in the world have I experienced the perfect balance of friendly, crazy and funny but NZ. Kiwi's (as we like to call ourselves) are an odd bunch, being so removed from the rest of the world kinda makes us a little crazy. But this isolation also promotes a culture of acceptance, caring and plenty of laughter (Flight of the Concords as a prime example).
Although NZ has a tiny population (roughly 5 million) we have some serious success story's including; Lorde, Sir Edmund Hillary, The All Blacks and Flight of the Concords to name a few. Our high percentage of over-achievers is due to the strong culture of entrepreneurship. "Just give it a crack"
Lastly, people are genuine. What you see is generally what you get.

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REASON 2- The Adventure Capital of the World

It is no secret that NZ is well known for adventure. We are a people who love to be outside, love to explore, love to travel and love to feel adrenalin. It just so happens that the landscape on offer is perfectly suited to the adventurous type. There is literally always something amazing to do within half an hour of anywhere! Its insane!
Here is an example:(massive inhale of breath) If you where in Queenstown you could wake up at 3am; Climb a mountain, snowboard down it; jump in a shuttle to the skydiving base, skydive, shuttle to the bungy base, bungy jump, hop in a shotover jet/raft/kayak and go down some rapids, hop in a hire car, drive through incredible scenery to Dunedin, hire a surf board, have a sunset surf and finish your day with a beer and some fish and chups at the local bar (massive exhale of breath). And you could probably still have time for a night out!

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REASON 3- That unexplainable feeling of Happiness

Have you ever woken up somewhere and just felt so so happy? I have.. plenty of times. And not just in NZ, all over the world. But there is no where else in the world that gives me more RHMV (ridiculously happy morning vibes) moments than little old NZ.
Canada came pretty close so who knows maybe, if I can afford it I will one day have a home in both countries.. yeah that sounds cool!
To me this is the most important reason to call somewhere home. At the end of it all you want to remember as many happy moments as you can. So why not make the place that you call home the place that offers you the most happy moments... makes sense to this guy! 

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So I have a challenge for you! You reckon your game?
Spend the next 6 months exploring your own home country. It is so easy to travel to another country and see everything it has to offer but I very rarely meet people that actually explore their own country. Now, if it at the end of that 6 months you don't come out feeling happier than ever before then maybe it is time to get out explore the world and find your true home.
Get out there legends!
Jacques | Massie Bros
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