S#*T Happens. Look at the POSITIVES!
Written by: Jacques

Paulo... ooo isn't he dreamy haha he's gunna hate me for this.

Paulo... ooo isn't he dreamy haha he's gunna hate me for this.

Jacques: "Yo Paulo you think I need to go to the hospital dude?"
Paulo: "HOLY S#*T! Dude thats going up your veins!"
Jacques: "Oh yeah.. haha it is. Dude I got bitten by a freaking spider!"
Paulo: "Yeah we're taking you to Hospital dude."

Soooo... In case you missed it I got bitten by a Spider.  Apart from the fact it was a rather serious incident involving a hospital sleepover and some hefty Antibiotics. It also meant I was out for a few days which meant I couldn't achieve what I wanted to this week. At the time it put me in a real negative place but I soon realised negative vibes just attract more negative vibes. The best course of action when things don't go to plan- Except the situation, find the POSITIVES and then find a solution. 


So the week involved some unexpected hospital time but.. we also managed to get a couple of unique and creative shoots in. This sparked some great discussions which has lead to some new ideas that I am so excited to bring to life. 
The first photoshoot we did involved Paulo throwing a camera in the air for half an hour while I attempted to capture the perfect shot giving off the illusion that the camera was falling from the heavens. As you can see from the photo above we got the shot, definitely keen to try more photo's using this technique.
The second shot we put together involved some new learning on photoshop which gives the image a feeling of high speed. Take a look at the photo below and see what you think.

Next Monday we will be sitting down to properly plan out the weeks ahead and what we want to get done. Here's hoping we don't have any ambitious spiders on the prowl hahaha.


Just remember legends! Things just happen sometimes, things that are out of your control. Collect yourself, smile and get straight back in the ring.
Make your dreams happen.
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