You are the MASTER of your own UNIVERSE... so start building some stars!
Written by: Jacques


This week was challenging and we learnt a lot... ALOT! Of new skills. But you know what?... I wouldn't change it for the world. The more Paulo and I work together, the more we each learn about our strengths and the more we help each other with our weaknesses.  The more I realise that this little universe of passion that we are constructing is exactly what I want to do!
I think the same goes for you aye Paulo? "Yeah buddy!"

"Was Rome built in a day?" "Did the Universe happen over night?"
I bet you have heard at least one of those quotes in your lifetime and if you haven't .. your welcome. These quotes are perfectly relatable to achieving a life ruled by your passions. Think of your passions like a floating mass of stars. The moment you realise that you want to pursue your passions well.. that is your own personal 'Big Bang.' Now you have a giant Cluster F#*K of stars all flying in different directions. At this point it is up to you to order those stars and build your passion into your own beautiful universe.


This past week we have been working hard to put together all of the back end content and get ourselves as prepared as possible to begin sharing our universe with you... yeah you! And the World. We managed to tick off 2 more edits for YouTube and the Website (what you are reading through now.. woah feels like I'm speaking from the future hahaha) is starting to look.. in the words of Nigel Thornbury.. "SMAASHING."

Our next challenge is to organise our time so that we can maintain the right balance between backend and frontend. Frontend being the fun side- Film, Photography, Travel and Adventure with the Bro!


Looking forward to next week! Can't wait to see what challenges lie ahead but I know one thing... The Massie Bro's are facing it head on with a smile on the dial.
Let's Go!
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