Making the most out of your fails!
Written by Jacques


Hard to believe we have been cracking away at this new venture for almost a month now! The learning curve has been insane and the Litres of coffee consumed is now well with in the 100's. I will be honest there have been some mornings I wake up thinking ... "Why the F##K am I doing this?" "I could be out there trying to get my foot in the door with a great company and begin working towards my career.. put a deposit on my first home.. get a cute wife.. smash out a couple kids and hey Presto.. I am 65 with a life of content moments behind me."
That generally makes me get up and start hustling again! Fair enough if that is your dream and power to you for giving it your all.
For Paulo and I that dream is traveling the world creating incredible content to share and inspire!


The first line of this weekly was, "Make the most of your fails." So let's get into what that means. This week was huge! With multiple Dawn shoots, tutorial edits, feature edits, Model shoots and... AND... A couple of fails. Now instead of crying and throwing in the towel we turned these fails into wins.
-We were meant to meet up with a Hot Air Balloon trip on Sunday but we arrived to late. We turned that into one of the best dawn sessions I have had. Nice work on the location by Matty!
-We were meant to go on a Hot Air Balloon Trip Thursday at Dawn but the conditions were to hot and Sunny.. Can you believe that haha only in Australia! But we hustled together and confirmed a new date! We then spend that Dawn Sesh creating a Vlog Tutorial at St Kilda Pier.


So all in all the Week went well. We are still progressing and we are beginning to make some much needed industry connections. The next month will be make or break so it's time to dig in and cut out the sleep times.
Chase those dreams!
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