5 Instagram Accounts that Inspire Travel

Sick of staring at that computer screen 9-5 everyday working for the man. Need some inspiration to chase your travel passions? These five accounts will leave you breathless and wanting to QUIT your job!


What's Up Legends! If you don't know me already my name is Jacques and I am the content creator for @_kiwiwithacamera. Check out my Instagram by clicking here and if I inspire you with my content I would be super stoked to have you following my journey! If my content just ain't doing it for yah then that's cool to. Hopefully one or more of these 5 accounts will get you fired up to quit everything and pursue your travel passions!


Number 1- JORDAN TAYLOR WRIGHT aka @taylorcutfilms
Jordan Wright is currently my biggest inspiration and in my opinion one of the greatest film makers of our time! Jordan spends his days traveling the world with his stunning girlfriend Alyssa Lynch creating unbelievable videos to inspire your passions. Jordan has worked with some of the biggest brands in the music industry including Justin Bieber, Usher & The Chainsmokers. Remember that video for their hit song Closer... yep that was Jordan.
Hit him up on INSTAGRAM and check out his content through YOUTUBE! You won't be disappointed.


Number 2- LOGAN DODDS on Instagram as @logan_dodds
This dude is a legend! A kiwi boy from Takapuna, Logan was working as a traddie and decided to quit it all and travel the world. You may remember his viral video that launched his success. Haha he literally traveled the world with a GoPro high fiving it every time the location changed.. Brilliant! Logan is now well and truly living by his passions, traveling the world and getting paid to advertise for his partners. Samsung is just one example.
Check him out on INSTAGRAM and Yep you guessed it he has a YOUTUBE now to!


Number 3- JACKSON GROVES on Instagram as @jackson.groves
One of the most inspiring millennial Instagram's you will find. This legend does it all from blogs to film making he has every base covered.  Over the past few months he has blown up on Instagram and his content just continues to get more and more inspiring! 
You can follow his adventures on INSTAGRAM and check out his amazing WEBSITE!



Number 4- LAUREN BULLEN on Instagram as @gypsea_lust
If you haven't heard of Gypsea Lust and Do You Travel and you have Instagram.. I am sorry to say it but you must have been living under a rock. Probably the most loved travel couple on the entire platform these two have found a recipe that just works... people bloody love em!
Lauren is an Australian who is now based in Bali with her partner Jack. They spend their days traveling the world, creating trends and being paid upwards of 9K for one post! If you want that dreamy inspiration for your next trip be sure to check out her feed!
You can follow her adventures on INSTAGRAM and check out JACK'S feed while you are at it.


Number 5- HANNAH & NICK on Instagram as @saltinourhair
Now I am not huge on the couples travelgrams.. mainly because I am single and I am not a fan of all the sappy love stuff hahaha. But these guys are just too cute and they actually create some incredible photo and film. Unlike a lot of other couplegrams that just focus on sappy or sexually incentivised photos of their girlfriends ass. I respect that! So for those couples out their looking for some inspiration to add some spice to your relationship.. hit these guys up for some inspiration.
You can follow their adventures on INSTAGRAM and on YOUTUBE.


Have you got any accounts you reckon could inspire my content? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for following our adventures! I can't whait to see what this exciting new future brings!
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