Winter can be a drag! Great way to beat the Blues is to get out there and explore!


Coming from a winter wonderland in Canada to a wet and windy Melbourne winter was not one of my smartest moments. Lacking my usual European tan, on the verge of being broke (standard) & struggling for energy things were looking grim. Chin up kiddo it's time to get proactive! Let's go hiking!

Let's start with something easy to warm your legs up. Coming in at number 5- 
The Nepean Peninsula Coastal walk


Located at the end of the Nepean Peninsula (hahaha who would have guessed by the name?), this is a great hike to get warmed into hiking. Snowboarding everyday is great fitness for snowboarding... but it does nothing for your general walking fitness. It is safe to say that when I arrived in Melbourne I was pretty bloody unfit!
This walk follows the peninsula taking you past some incredible beaches and relics from the coastal defense systems dated back to WWI & WWII. Check out my blog on the Nepean Peninsula if this sounds like your kind of adventure.

Feeling stronger? Sweet! Let's step it up then-
Keppel Lookout Track in The Yarra Ranges


Yeh Yeh Righto! You got me! This one may stretch the 2 hour's from Melbourne rule by 15-20mins, but it is worth the extra $2 in gas!
The drive alone is incredible. You cruise through wine country taking in the incredible views of the Yarra Valley then plunge into the endless windy roads of the Yarra ranges. Do yourself a favor and put this hike on your winter list. The hike itself offers spectacular scenery; waterfalls, valley views & incredible ridgelines. Interested? This link will help you plan your trip!

Let's check out what's on the other side of the CBD-
Weribee Gorge it is!


Yep! I was hungover as hell for this one... don't recommend drinking before this one hahaha! But the hike it self is probably the coolest in this list! It actually felt like I was walking through Jurassic Park. The only thing missing is the raptors and old mate T-Rex... Probably a good thing really. If you want to see awesome view's, ancient geography and beautiful rivers then this is the hike for you. Find out more here!

Yo!!! The sun's out and it's 15C outside! Let's go check out the coast-
Aireys Inlet Clifftop Walk


I just don't learn do I! Champagne + Tequila = A very hungover Jacques. But you have to make the most of days like this one. Besides the missus had just dumped me I'm allowed a couple Tequila's right? Guys? Hahaha.
Anyway.. Airey's Inlet is stunning! The hike follows the Coast the whole way, with the occasional coastal forest section to mix it up. If you love your coastal photography you are going to love this hike! Check out more on Airey's Inlet.

Oooo Baby! Lucky last and... AND... the closest to Melbourne-
Mount Macedon Loop


Mount Macedon Loop

Prep your legs baby! This one is 18km's and it starts off steep. A good mate of mine suggested Mount Macedon and I will be honest I was skeptical at first. Boy was I wrong! Mount Macedon was an awesome adventure with incredible views and a truly peaceful feel. 
The hike will take you through huge pine forest sections, new growth area's and along stunning ridge tops. Be sure to include this one in your repertoire. Find out more about this great spot here

There you have it Legends! 5 excuses to get off the couch next time you are in Melbourne. Be sure to Subscribe by scrolling down to the bottom of this page. The next year is going to be filled with amazing adventures so don't miss out on your next travel inspiring blog! Let's hangout on social media to...
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