"Sometimes the right decision means hurting the people you care about. But trust your gut instinct and make the hard decisions that others don't"
Written by Jacques


Let's crack into it on a positive note aye. Last week was amazing and the whole crew crushed it on our first real job as film makers. We have put an edit together for Picture This Ballooning and we are already in talks with other companies about potential paid work.. fingers crossed for the boys!
As we move further with the pursuit of our passions it does however become clear that certain visions don't align within your group. In my opinion it is important to follow the path you want to follow. This sometimes means upsetting others along the process but ultimately that decision will benefit everyone.


After weeks of thought Paulo and I made the decision to pursue our own YouTube channel and film company. Massie Bro's is born. Unfortunately this meant letting Cody and Matty know that we will be focusing on pursuing our own path going forward. My hope is that Matty and Cody continue to pursue their ideas and when needed we can help each other with projects.
As we all grow as film makers who knows.. We may re align and work together once more.
But for now let the grind continue!


The big lesson this week! Make the hard decisions.. when it comes to pursuing your dreams you have to be prepared to do what it takes.
Let's get it Paulo!

Chase those dreams!
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