"When you are the small fish it's all about being a YES MAN and taking every opportunity you can get your hands on"
Written by Jacques


This week was a big one for the squad. We had our first filming opportunity with a local hot air balloon company, Picture This Ballooning. In exchange for an amazing trip over the Yarra Valley we agreed to put together a 30second advertisement for their social media channels and website.
I (Yep it's me Jacques) also managed to get work as a night club photographer with the help of my legend brother Paulo. That should help fund some much needed equipment!


Speaking of new equipment we have moved into the world of advanced DSLR's with the recent purchase of a Canon 1DX Mark II. By purchasing this incredible piece of gear we have basically told ourselves we have no option but to succeed. Thinking back on this past week their has been a lot of firsts! I also put together my first model photoshoot and discovered a new avenue to improve my camera skills. Things are starting to happen guys.


As this passion begins to move into the realm of a monetised business we have some important decisions to make. Not all of them will be easy but unfortunately success is not always easy. Read next weeks Weekly to find out about our biggest decision to date.
Keep Chasing your dreams legends!Chase those dreams!
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