"Huge thanks to PT Ballooning for one helluva sunrise adventure!"


If you haven't been Hot Air Ballooning before then you gotta get it up on the old bucket list! The serenity mixed with adrenalin is something special. I would highly recommend Picture This Ballooning. The crew is incredibly professional, experienced and friendly.
When it comes to choosing your journey you have 2 options; Flying over Melbourne City or a trip to the Yarra Valley. We chose the Yarra Valley due to our ability to fly the drones legally and unhindered.


The day starts around 4am depending on where you are traveling from. If you don't have a way of getting to the Yarra Valley don't worry, you can organise a shuttle ride (at a fee of $40 per person) to and from the Yarra Valley with Picture This Ballooning- here is a link to the INFO.
You arrive at Yarra Valley Lodge roughly an hour before sunrise for your briefing. The time will change daily depending on the sunrise times and conditions. But don't worry there is a number to call at 6.30pm the night before, this will confirm your exact meeting time. Oh by the way.. HERE IS A LINK with directions from Melbourne CBD.
When you arrive there is complimentary coffee and tea to wake up your groggy bones while the crew go ahead with the briefing. A quick gear check and you are on your way!


The journey starts in the dark with the hum of air guns and the roar of gas fuelled fire balls lighting up the night as the balloons begin to lift. As you move off the ground you rise with the sun in a beautiful dance. An unforgettable experience that you won't forget! Be sure to check out the video on our YouTube page.
The flight lasts roughly an hour and will go wherever the wind is blowing hahaha no motors on these balloons.. just wind and flame baby. Once you land a quick team pack down before you head back to the Lodge for some well deserved brekky.


So stoked to have had the opportunity to fly the skies with the legends at PT Ballooning. Can't wait to do the trip across the city!
Keep chasing your dreams legends!

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