Phew!! What a bloody week!
Written by Jacques


Alright Alright so I am going to debunk some myths for you right now! When you think of the life of a travel and film entrepreneur what are your first thoughts? Wait let me guess..
Amazing locations daily, relaxed vibes, beautiful people everywhere and basically the dream. In a way you are right but.. but.. There is a huge amount of work that goes in behind the scenes to make this dream come to life. 


What you see is the final product of hours, days or sometimes weeks and months of behind the scenes work. Scouting, networking, filming, editing and in most cases re-editing haha.
But... We bloody love it!
Personally this is 100 percent what I want to do with my life and I am sure Paulo feels the same way. So with that in mind the grind continues!


In saying that it is all about balance.. lucky for us we love both sides of the coin. The edit grinds are epic and although some night edits turn into 3 day energy drink and Premiere Pro benders.. its all worth it! But the other side of the coin.. getting out there and filming amazing locations and photographing amazing places and people... now that is where the true passion lies.
So next week is going to be a filming and shooting week! I aim to shoot at least 3 dawns, 1 sunset and a Portrait session. I just gotta get my fix man!
Oh by the way Thursday at Dawn we will be shooting with PT Ballooning. Can't wait to get the footage out!
Chase those dreams!
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