Allow yourself room to Suck! But don't let it stop you from practicing your passion everyday. Everybody sucks sometimes.. just learn from it!


Righto Champions! It's the end of week 3 and Collecting Vibes is starting to form some structure.. this is a good thing! Last week was a bit of a mess but we learnt from it, put some changes into play and we are once again starting to see some progression.
The plans are in place for next weeks collaborative shoot with PT Ballooning and we have several videos ready to be imported to YouTube come April 1st.


With loads of filming, content and adventures Week 3 was definitely a good one. The more we continue to film and explore the more we all realise that this is a dream worth chasing.
Oh here is a quick run down on what we saw this week:
-Sunrise at The Apostles
-Wake boarding and camping
-Sunset at The Apostles
-Backflips and Cliff jumping on The Great Ocean Road
-Rudimental Live
-A Lunar Eclipse last witnessed 149 years ago
-We also saw a butt load of tutorials and learnt so so much more about our craft!


Pumped for next week!! See you legends then!!
Chase those dreams!
Massie Bro's | Paulo | Jacques