Victoria is a Territory on the south of Australia. I won't lie I never expected to find so many amazing sights and sounds. Here are 5 spots that will blow your mind!
Written by Jacques.


Alright so lets just quickly make sure everyone knows where Victoria actually is. Then we will get into the 5 spots you have to see while you are hanging around Melbourne. I guarantee you will be flipping out over it (hahaha Pun of the day baby). So Victory is in Australia and is the southern most territory which means the climate is a lot friendly (aka not so dam hot!). The area contains some incredible beaches and the surrounding ranges and valleys offer some incredible geological wonders.
Here is a map to help you out a bit more.

Its the area with the red line round it guys!

Its the area with the red line round it guys!

Alright so before we kick into each spot let's put the list up!
Number 5- Mt Macedon
Number 4- Mornington Peninsula
Number 3- The Grampians
Number 2- Wilsons Prom
Number 1- The Great Ocean Road
Alright Legends! Let the countdown begin. Oh before I forget.. If you click any of the titles above you can get more detail on each location.

Number 5- Mt Macedon
Coming in at Number 5 is Mt Macedon, partly because it is so easily accessible from Melbourne City and partly because it is a beautiful area. You definitely will get more beauty from areas further out from the city but for a 45 min drive this spot is definitely worth it!
With lush green vibes and amazing hiking this spot is well worth the day trip. If you want to find out more about Mt Macedon, including how to get there and what to bring. CLICK HERE.


Number 4- Mornington Peninsula
The Mornington Peninsula is a hub of amazing scenery with so much to do for all ages. From swimming with stingrays to jumping off cliffs, you will have plenty of options to do it all. 
When you get tired out and need a break the small towns dotted around the peninsula offer a range of cafe's and restaurants all with that small beach town vibe. 
Want to find out more CLICK HERE for details on how to get to the peninsula and what spots to head to first!


Number 3- The Grampians
A whole other world! This place looks incredible on camera but wait until you see it for yourself. It is as if you are walking through another world. The geology in the area is ancient which is part of the reason for all the incredible rock formations. Apart from the incredible hiking the area offers that small town comfort and a chance to interact with local wildlife (Yep that includes Kangaroos!). If hiking and exploration sounds like your kind of adventure then CLICK HERE and get the full run down.

Wilsons (11 of 11).jpg

Number 2- Wilson's Prom
It was tough to choose between Wilson's Prom and The Great Ocean Road. This peninsula is amazing! To be fair I have only seen a small part of what the peninsula has to offer. With beaches that make you feel as if you are on holiday in the Mediterranean, incredible hiking, scenic drives and chill vibes. Wilson's Prom is perfect for a long weekend getaway. I personally cannot wait to get back and explore further.. who knows it might reclaim the top spot!
CLICK HERE to get all the information so you can book your first trip to Wilson's Prom!


Your Number One- The Great Ocean Road
With amazing draw cards like Bell's Beach, The Otways and of course The Twelve Apostles. It is hard to place The Great Ocean Road anywhere but in 1st place. Hell it even has a nude beach if that's your kind of thing. 
I would recommend that if you are planning a trip to Victoria or just Australia for that matter. Put the Great Ocean Road on your list of must do's.
Let's get into the details so you can plan your trip- CLICK HERE.


So there you have it!
5 amazing spots to make your time in Victoria unforgettable. There are far more amazing sites to see in Victoria so keep an open mind and be sure to get loads of information off the locals. Oh and of course check out the rest of our blogs on Victoria.
Chase those dreams!
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