Plenty of lessons learn't this week but hey failing is all part of the journey!
Written by Jacques.


Well the week started on a high with loads of energy from the first shoot and that feeling of something new flowing through the blood. But unfortunately things don't always go to plan and failing is all part of growing.

We had planned out our next feature and I had this amazing vision in mind. You know that Sam Kolder style cinematic awesomeness that gets everyone frothing. We soon realised two things;
One- We were nowhere near at that level yet (we will get there).
Two- We just didn't have the right gear to create that level of production.

So a full day was wasted but at least we got some footage right? Wrong haha because foolishly I formatted the SD card without checking that it had been dumped onto the Mac. We needed an up this week, especially me. I honestly felt like I was letting the team down.


After literally zero sleep we headed up to Mt Macedon. Smashed out the drone shots we needed and came up with a brand new concept that would suit our resources and fun loving style better.

I felt a bit like the ship wreck in this image haha

I felt a bit like the ship wreck in this image haha

In general this week was a big eye opener for me. This next year is going to be a tough one but.. it is very very doable with that little bit more organisation and planning. Onward to Week 3 with a fresh mindset and a stronger drive. Enjoy a few more shots from the week and be sure to see the latest from the Massie Bro's on Instagram.
Chase those dreams!
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