It is hard to explain Canada in just 5 photo's.. So here are 5 photos with a story to tell. Do yourself a favour and book your trip to BC, Canada!


As the long summer days began to come rapidly to an end Kyle new from years of experience what needed to be done in preparation for the long winter. The 5 Cords of wood had arrived, the chainsaw had done its work the day before. Throwing on a flannel and kissing his girl on the cheek he headed for the door, collecting his touque and axe. Living in the woods had always been his dream and even after 5 years in their little log cabin the sites and sounds still stopped him in his tracks. The lake glistened with the painted image of the snowcapped mountains reflecting off the surface. A black bear wandered past and into the woods just as Kyle exhaled a misty breath. "Alright bud! Time to chop some wood."


SLAM! Bang Adams eye's were open as panic set in. Why had the breaks been slammed? Had they crashed? Was everyone ok? A quick self check and a glance around and Adam realised they were just pulling over. He wondered why. The others hopped out in a hurry without a word, confused Adam followed. As he crested the knoll rubbing the remaining sleep from his eyes his Jaw dropped. There in front of his eyes like a symphony of beauty. A memory he would never forget.


The Winter had taken its toll but the short but sweet summer had finally arrived. The only thing to do was greet the season with open arms. The hike was 30 kms, steep and full of uneven routes but the call of nature was to strong to say no. 4 hours later and the clouds gave way to the valley below as the summit gave freely its rewards. Summer was here and Canada was ready.


Living in Ontario had been amazing and the city of Toronto had given so much.. but... something was missing in David's life. He now knew what was missing and.. it had been found. A move to BC was the best decision of his life. The wilderness accepted him with open arms as he strolled onto the rock ledge, chipmunks in toe of course.


One beer they said! Just one beer! Are you kidding! It's never just one beer in Whistler, the largest ski resort in North America. 15 yager bombs later and an hour of sleep.. yeah of course I want to go for a 30K hike. Silence took hold then magically it appeared. The others looked on in awe as Chris walked straight into the glacial lake without a single hesitation... I guess the hangover had finally set in.

Chase those dreams!
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