Pure Ecstasy
Imagine The Feeling of Being So Close You can Feel the Vibration as The Ray Glides Below.


It was another stunner of a day! Let's go get some content! I linked up with the boys from Chasing Vibes; Cody, Matty & Timmy. We jumped in the car and headed inland to film and photograph ourselves skating and Triking down country roads. Hmm yeah I could see this as a full time job hahaha. Next footage stop off.. Wharf Jumps and crystal clear water.. "Reckon there will be stingrays Matty?"


Yep what you see above is exactly what we saw haha well from the drone camera at least. Now we just need to get back here for sunrise! OO can you see that black circle? Yep that's a Ray! When you consider how high the image was taken from that's a bloody big ray! I suppose you probably want to know where this spot is.. Sure lets give you a quick run down.
Located on The Mornington Peninsula roughly an hour out of Melbourne. Click Here for the google maps link.


This Pier is amazing but.. BUT we definitely caught some harsh light. Guess that just means we have to go back at Dawn! Instead of calling the day though we thought since we are on the road we might as well go check out the  Shipwreck at Half Moon Bay..


If you are in Melbourne and looking for an adventure that you can reach without a car then the HMVS Cerberus Ship Wreck just off the coast of Half Moon Bay (Tip- If it's highlighted it's a handy link). For those who need public transport directions then Click Here.  The ship Wreck it self is so close that you can actually swim to it! But be aware it is still about 200 metres, so if you are a weak swimmer maybe it's not the best option.


We managed to get the drone up to 500Metres and even though the image was amazing the Sun was still to harsh. Another Dawny it is hahaha. So Matty and I packed up the kit and called it a day!


Alrighty Legends time for us to pack up the Camera gear and head out to the next location.
Chase those dreams!
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