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Hands up if you hate sh*tty flights!

Yeah those ones were the entertainment doesn’t work or even worse you have to pay to watch the movies! Who does that?! Or those flights that serve you food that looks like cow sh*t & the wine tastes like it has been uncorked for over a week!

Now I am not one to care about small details but if you pay a lot of money to travel over 14 hours in a steel tube you are probably expecting a basic level of service right? The good news is there are airlines out there that will give you unbelievably good service. This is the short list.

Pro Tip: It is often the smaller international airlines that offer the best service.

Pro Tip: It is often the smaller international airlines that offer the best service.

Like any great service you have to be prepared to fork out a little extra if you want to fly with a reputable airline. In our opinion it is always worth an extra couple hundred to make sure you arrive safely and energised at your travel destination.

Now internal flights are a different story, you can afford to go cheap for a 2-4 hour flight. This list is targeted towards those long-haul bookings, so kick your feet up, get comfy and start taking notes for your next overseas adventure.

10 - Eva Air

You may have never heard of Eva Air but I predict you will over the next 10 years if they continue to innovate and grow the way they have been since there humble beginnings in 1989. Eva Air is a proud Star Alliance member operating out of Taiwan.

The airline is completely privately owned which gives the board of directors the flexibility to continually innovate and improve.

The Factsheet:

Home - Taipei, Taiwan
Destinations Served - 57
Aircraft - 78
Countries Served - 18

09 - Etihad

Etihad is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is one of the youngest airlines in this countdown. The airline was founded in 2003 and is one hundred percent owned by the government of Abu Dhabi.

Etihad’s central placement has allowed the airline to grow incredibly fast, not too mention the exceptional service and hospitality. This airline is committed to being the best in the world so keep a close eye on Etihad over the next 10 years.

The Factsheet:

Home - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Destinations Served - 84
Aircraft - 112
Countries Served - 49

08 - Cathay Pacific

Go on take a guess.. If you haven’t flown Cathay Pacific before, where would you guess the airline is from?

The correct answer is Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific is a giant of an airline! Unlike many other mega airlines Cathay Pacific has maintained their incredible service and has continued to innovate and push the industry.

If you are flying to or from Asia then do yourself a favour and book with Cathay Pacific.

The Factsheet:

Home - Hong Kong, Asia
Destinations Served - 207
Aircraft - 196
Countries Served - 53

07 - Lufthansa

When I started researching airlines for this list I honestly wasn’t sure if a single European airline would make the list. Europe you have Lufthansa to thank for making the list! Lufthansa has been in the industry for a while but continues to innovate and deliver exceptional service.

Lufthansa is the largest airline in Germany & when combined with it’s subsidiaries, the largest airline in Europe. Lufthansa is one of the original players in the airline game, founded in 1955. For a comfortable journey with delicious food, pick Lufthansa!

The Factsheet:

Home - Frankfurt/Munich, Germany
Destinations Served - 220
Aircraft - 283
Countries Served - 81

06 - Qantas

Yeah crikky mate! It’s an Aussie airline in the top 10! For good reason too, Qantas is a big player in the airline world with some of the best customer service you will find. Qantas narrowly misses out on the top 5 but don’t count this incredible airline out.

You wouldn’t guess but Qantas is actually the third oldest airline in the world after KLM & Avianca. Qantas was founded in the Queensland outback in 1920 & commenced it’s first of many international flights in 1935.

Qantas has gone from outback, open carriage planes to Airbus A380’s that ship over 450 people across the world in a day. Qantas is now one of the most powerful brands in Australia & a leading international airline.

The Factsheet:

Home - Brisbane/Melbourne/Sydney, Australia
Destinations Served - 85
Aircraft - 127
Countries Served - 14

05 - Thai Airways

I remember flying Thai airways as a small child. So what? Well I don’t remember any other airline the way I remember Thai. The hospitality and kindness is second to none so if customer service is your number one priority then Thai airways is the best out there!

Thai airways was founded in 1960 and is now fully owned by the government of Thailand, the airline is a powerful player in Asia with it’s reputation for hospitality making the airline a crowd favourite.

The Factsheet:

Home - Bangkok, Thailand
Destinations Served - 63
Aircraft - 81
Countries Served - 32

04 - Air New Zealand

Oh Kia Ora Bro!

Air New Zealand has taken the world by storm with exceptional hospitality and some of the greatest innovation in the airline world. The team at Air New Zealand is all about progression & their popularity amongst travelers is a sure sign that something is working well.

Air New Zealand also has some of the best in flight safety briefs in the world, the videos will leave you in laughter and pumped to get your flight underway. The innovation is evident in the seat designs and brilliant in flight entertainment, if you get the chance… Fly Air New Zealand!

Air New Zealand is the 2018 ‘Best Airline in the world’ according to

The Factsheet:

Home - Auckland, New Zealand
Destinations Served - 52
Aircraft - 105
Countries Served - 19

03 - Emirates

Everyone has heard of Emirates and I think the airlines reputation precedes it. Emirates is the gold standard of luxury flying and in flight hospitality, if you are after a comfortable flight with exceptional service, tasty food and modern outfitting then don’t go past Emirates.

Based in Dubai, UAE; Emirates began operations in 1985 with just two aircraft. The airline now proudly operates the biggest fleet of Airbus A380’s and Boeing 777’s in the world. These planes can carry a lot of people!

Emirates is firmly placed in the top 3 and with it’s central location the airline is only set to continue it’s rapid growth. This is a bucket list airline! No need for more questions just book a flight with Emirates!

The Factsheet:

Home - Dubai, UAE
Destinations Served - 180
Aircraft - 257
Countries Served - 80

02 - Qatar

Qatar is the flagship carrier for the state of Qatar and operates out of the state capital, Doha. Qatar is another mega Arabic airline and like Emirates & Etihad it offers exceptional service with the most modern of in flight entertainment.

Qatar tends to be a cheaper option than Emirates but still offers the same level of in flight experience. The airline finds itself firmly in the top 2 for good reason, if you have the option to fly Qatar then I highly recommend you do.

Qatar has won multiple international awards including best airline in the world 2015.

The Factsheet:

Home - Doha, Qatar
Destinations Served - 150+
Aircraft - 220
Countries Served - 80+

01 - Singapore Airlines

Boom!! Singapore Airlines takes the 2018 number one spot for airline of the year & not just according to us. Singapore Airlines just won the Skytrax airline of the year award beating out airline giants like Emirates, Qatar & Lufthansa.

What Singapore Airlines lacks in size it more than makes up for in innovation, in flight entertainment and exceptional service. Whenever i get the choice I always choose Singapore Airlines!

Want to fly with the best airline in the world… Well look no further than Singapore Airlines.

The Factsheet:

Home - Singapore
Destinations Served - 64
Aircraft - 118
Countries Served - 32

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